Where have I been? I’ll tell you where I’ve been.

I’ve been holed-up in my room with the lights off, 10 days without shaving and twice that without a shower. My cheetos-stained tightie-whities illuminated in the glow from my laptop to which my fingers have become permanently fused. Thank Jebus for online-ordering for delivery, otherwise I would have died long ago. Facebook, my friends, is the new crack (or “Mexican Brown Heroin” as I learned about in Facebook’s Dope Wars, where I am currently a World Distributor and worth over $300M…but that’s another story).

Anyway, it’s totally addictive and I’m not exactly sure why. Do I really get enjoyment out of attacking my friend’s Creeper Werewolf with my Ice Vampire?

And the answer is yes. Yes I do.

Besides cultivating my virtual life, I’ve actually been pretty busy. Busy creating this:

Ahhhh yeahhh… just leave your phone numbers and measurements in the comments, ladies.

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