I’ve never had a really strong opinion about gun control. I just didn’t care one way or the other; people have guns, people don’t have guns, whatever. My theory was that I (or people I care about) could just as easily get stabbed by a sharply pointed stick as shot with a gun, if someone was really interested in killing.

Admittedly, that’s a pretty juvenile opinion.

But with all the murder/suicides we’ve had in this country, lately, there’s really no rational way to justify the right to bear arms any longer. Murder, as strange as this will sound, used to make sense. People killed other people out of revenge, or over possessions, or jealousy…none of them good reasons, but at least they were reasons. Lately, though, you can’t go anywhere without wondering if someone random idiot with a god-complex and a handgun is going to walk in shooting wildly. Taking someone’s life like that…wasting is the second most-selfish act I can think of, preceded only by suicide.

If there’s any silver-lining to these events, it’s that these morons do kill themselves. At least they’re out of the gene pool.

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