Humorous commentary from the irrepressible Meg:


So I’m watching this commercial for Tostitos Scoopers. The premise is that most chips aren’t easy enough to dip. Regular chips are designed so that you can only use dips as a condiment, a chip enhancer, if you will. Scoopers have a more spoonlike quality that lets you eat entire tablespoons of sour cream with each chip. The dip becomes the object, the chip merely a passive conduit. Right now, they only make corn chips, which is too bad. If they made a potato chip version, it would be great for scooping butter.

Ahh, if only I’d known there was an easier way all along! Think of the hours wasted increasing my girth by fumbling with normal Tostitos and lard dip, when I could have been maximizing my run away expansion with engineering-enhanced chips…

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