Ooooh! Floor pie! – Homer Simpson

The Exceedingly uninteresting story Of The origins Of Presented under An Oddly capitalized title As i Am sometimes wont To Do

So as my notoriety and fame grew, I got more and more interested in moving to an actual living and breathing domain, instead of continuing to camp on geocities’ billboard. When my daily hits had swelled into nearly double digits, I decided it was finally time to move. Now came the task of thinking of a clever domain name, something that was simple and understated, easy to remember, catchy like a song, and that embodied my heart and soul.

After several failed attempts at finding my heart and soul, I decided to go with something random instead.

Enter Originally, I wanted, but that domain was mysteriously bought a week after I mentioned it.

But where does “floor pie” come from? Well, just as any good dork is, I’m an avid fan of the Simpsons. In one particular episode, Bart, in training for a Junior Camper’s badge, sets a trap for Homer with pie as the bait. Said pie is sitting on the kitchen floor, and, as Homer walks by he exclaims, “Oooh! Floor pie!”, grabs for the pie, gets caught in the trap, and is left swinging upside down from the ceiling, pie out of reach… I, for some reason, often repeat this phrase in non-relevant situations, to the confusion of some and the consternation of others.

Bottom line, it seemed better than, ’cause we all know that that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…

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