According to the Palo Alto Daily News:

Pumpkins damage mailboxes

Roughly 25 mailboxes were damaged in Los Altos after leftover Halloween pumpkins were hurled at them, police said.

Police have no idea who committed the acts of vandalism over the weekend.

Call it the great pumpkin caper.

Starting late Saturday and continuing into the next day, about 25 seperate cases of mailbox vandalism involving pumpkins were reported in the area, police said.

The round, orange weapons may have come from the 1500 block of Ben Roe Drive, when a patch of pumpkins were reported stolen at 12:11 a.m. Sunday.

Now that’s news!

Editor: OK Jimmy, we got a lead on a pumpkin heist, and I’m putting you on it. I need sumpin that really sings here, so don’t fail me or it’s yer job! Oh, and make it 100 words or less.

Scott: Oh boy! My big break!

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