There’s something depressing about going to LA. Correction, there’s something depressing about returning from LA.

Everyone knows that there’s a stereotypical glut of beautiful women in SoCal; that movie stars and models are everywhere you turn, and you’ll say “hey, didn’t I see that [check-out girl|waitress|manicurist] in [Goonies|Speed 2|Tremors]?” more than once. The statistic that’s largely ignored, however, is that there are simply more women in SoCal, beautiful or not.

This is where the depressing part comes in.

By saying “more women”, that implies that somewhere there are “less women”, and that place is here. There are simply not that many women in the Bay Area (especially in the Silicon Valley). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to imply that there are no beautiful women up here, I’m just saying that, per capita, were running low. And this isn’t about a perverted need to see more girls day to day, I just don’t think it’s healthy to have such a mono existence.

What gets me even more down is that there are probably just as many women in SoCal as there are in most places, and that that’s the normal, healthy amount. Those Bay Areans amongst us are living in some strange Jurassic Parkian reality where we continue to multiply despite being all the same sex.

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