In a situation much similar to Ariel�s, a garbage truck arrives under my window not everyday (as in the aforementioned raver�s existence), but only once a week. One of my apartment complex�s sets of dumpsters is roughly right under my third story window (competing bitterly with the freeway beyond it for Best View From a Bedroom Window in a Supporting Role). Which means that I am awakened by the idle-idle-whrrrrCRASHwhrrr-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-repeat, on cue faithfully, at 7 A.M every Friday. There are three individual dumpsters below me, which equates to what I can only estimate as 47 minutes of garbage-truck�n time.

I haven�t mustered the bravery, yet, to actually go to my window and watch the process unfold, but I�m fairly certain it involves a lot of pointing up to my apartment and laughing heartily.

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