“I see your ass is progressing nicely…” – Ronald McDonald

Back in the Day, a friend of mine and I were regular followers of the theory of the Vertical Minute. In a nutshell, whenever it’s 1:11 or 11:11, you stand up, put your hands up in the air like an idiot, and wait until the minute’s over. You only do this when you happen to notice that it’s a Vertical Minute, and never actually plan ahead. At the time, it was just a way for my friend and I to disrupt class; but, it’s something I still do, from time to time, to amuse myself.

This weekend, at 1:11 in the morning, I was standing next to my bed (having just gotten out of it to fulfill my Vertical Minute obligations). At first, I was annoyed at my apparent addiction, staring at the clock, and willing 1:12 to come faster than in the usual 60 seconds. After about 20 seconds, though, I stopped being so impatient and just stood there, arms in the air, audience of none.


Sorry, 1:11 just rolled by, and I had to get up. As I was saying, I had a moment of Zen, standing there in my boxers, and I realized how awesome the VM really is. It reminded me of how silly and ridiculous Life can be, how you should take a break every now and then to just stand in stillness, and how easy it is to find happiness in under 60 seconds. Vertical Minute…highly recommended.

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