*sigh* back at work…

I went to Battlebots on Friday. I have only one thing to say about that:

I. Am. A. Dork.

OK, I have some other stuff to say, I suppose. Reasons why I am a dork, that aren’t patently obvious:

– I enjoyed it

– When one robot (to be subsequently dubbed “bot”) destroyed another on the first hit, the previously normal-looking guy next to me screamed “Flawless VICTORY!!!” raising his little fist in the air. This had nothing to due with me personally, of course, but I was associated with it.

– One of the crew was wearing full fatigues, complete with belt-attached canteens (?) and ammo pouches. Obvioulsy, camo is only pretty-cool, so he decided to up the ante to super-cool by adding chrome armor to his chest, arms, and legs, which reminded me of the Cylons.

– Being an engineer, I kept turning to my friend and critiquing one bot’s relelvant merits over another’s, with phrases like “centrifugal force” and “mass moment of intertia”.

– I’m pretty sure some people were cheering in Klingon.

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