Speaking of which, Shrek was awesome! I had no real desire to see it (as Cameron Diaz was only animated instead of in the flesh, you see), and it was one of those spur-of-the-moment-type, thingamajig, dealie…bobs. At any rate, the story was good, the jokes were good, the feel was good, and the animation was amazing! Without giving more away than you’ve already gathered from the trailers, there are a multitude of references to our childhood fairy-tales, (some obvious, some not so) all of which make this a movie that, to me, seemed aimed more for the older generations (lucky thing, that). And as mentioned, the animation was stunning…look for the moving shadows of overhead leaves in the background, always difficult fire effects, and the facial expressions to see what I mean.

So, yeah, I recommend it…as it were.

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