The Edison

flickr shot by Theremina

I went to The Edison Downtown this weekend…LA’s first private power plant converted into a very suave bar/lounge replete with go-go dancers, power plant relics, multiple bars, and a full menu. You enter from an alley and head downstairs, giving you the feeling of exclusivity. The Edison, though, is very accessible (save for the dress code), and I’m not sure if this is because it’s not that popular, yet, or if it’s just that vibe. All bars in downtown LA suffer from a bit of wannabe Sunset status, in my opinion…mostly because there just simply aren’t that many people living in downtown. That’s what I like about it, though…it gives you the feeling of the undiscovered, even though it’s been there forever.

The drinks aren’t strong, and they aren’t weak, Happy Hour is until 8!, and the crowd is mostly fantastic with only a few Guido’s. On average there were more guys than girls, but where isn’t that true?

Will I be back? I will, and I would make it a regular hang-out if I lived closer.

Oh, I almost forgot. The waitresses now wear (apparently it’s a recent thing) flapper-dresses, which is surprisingly hot.

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