90% of the time I drive with the radio on. It’s either talk radio in the morning, NPR in the afternoon, music at any of those times, or something off of my iPod. Every now and again, though, I like to drive in silence. I don’t say anything (you’d be surprised at how much I talk to myself), I don’t have the radio or iPod going, and I have the windows rolled up.

Granted, this isn’t really silence…but it’s a type of it somehow.

I don’t drive a Mercedes or a Land Rover, or something ridiculously expensive that is designed to separate you from the experience of driving as much as possible. When I’m tooling around in my kind of silence I hear the engine, the tires on the road, and the cars around me; but, it’s muted, it’s not frenetic, it’s soothing.

Of course, 15 minutes or less later, I’m back int he shit.

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