I thought I’d mention an upcoming photo-essay here on Stuff and Stuff:

People who have vanity license plates never cease to amaze me. If you’re one of those chosen few, sorry, it’s just not my flow. So, for the last few weeks I’ve been taking my camera with me everywhere, always with one eye out for the errant vanity plate. The idea is to get a picture of the plate and (and this is the tricky part), a picture of the driver. I just have to see what SPEDRCR looks like. For some reason, I’ve been using my “good” camera (to get that nice, tight zoom on DRV2FST) instead of my point-and-shoot so I’m anticipating several clear shots of the back-ends of cars; and then, several blurry shots of my passenger seat. Doesn’t matter, though, as a good time was had by all!

SO, keeping in mind that I don’t condone this at all as it’s roughly equivalent to driving while talking on your cell phone blindfolded (not to mention, people are likely to take violent exception to you taking pictures of them), if you do happen to want to play, send me your pictures and I’ll add you to what I hope will be a catalog rivaling those of the Mullet variety.

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