This is how you know it’s getting bad: some gas stations (apparently) have a $50-cap on debit/ATM card purchases when you pay at the pump. I don’t know if this is some kind of state or federally mandated thing, or if it’s just something that gas stations do. I’m not sure what advantage they get out of only allowing you to spend $50 per transaction but whatever…

It’s getting bad when gas prices are so high, you can’t even fill up your tank because the pump automatically shuts off at $50. At first, I thought I had suddenly become an incredibly conscientious driver because I was suddenly getting 30 miles to the gallon. Then I realized that no, I had only put in 13 gallons the last time I “filled up”, instead of the customary 16.

Doesn’t it disturb anyone that gas stations have raised their prices so high, that they’ve actually priced themselves out of the market?

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