For the first few months of my life I took baths in the sink. Mom (presumably) would toss me in with the dishes and scrub me down with Palmolive. Then, I moved to the actual bath tub where mom would again make sure I was clean. Eventually, I graduated to taking my own baths, and eventually showers.

I’m not sure at what point I moved from having my hair washed, to doing it myself; but, conservatively speaking, it’s been at least 25 years. 25 years of washing my hair nearly every day; the majority of the time, twice per shower. Being conservative again, that puts me at about 11,500 hair washings…and in all of that time I’ve never done what I did this morning: wash my hair with conditioner and condition it with shampoo.

OK, so that’s not that exciting, but seriously, 25 years, 11,500 times, done-zo.

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