Recently a friend of mine, strictly in the interest of making me uncomfortable (like I said, a friend!), mentioned that he hadn’t checked my blog in a while and would do so at his earliest convenience. Though I got a sense of satisfaction from it, I was also saddened to tell him that he wouldn’t find much there if he did as I hadn’t updated much, lately.
And that is quite true.

I’ve either had nothing to talk about, or have been so busy with stuff that I haven’t had time to write about it. If I was being honest with you, I’d say it was about half and half.

If I was being a blogebrity about it, I’d say it was because I’ve been too hungover after too many nights partying with starlets.

Like I said, half and half.

This is not my apology to my sporadic readers for not posting for awhile as, in my wizened state after year of blogging, I think those apologies are lame and pretentious (and yes, I am guilty of them). “Oh! I am SO sorry for like, totally not being here like I know you need me to be, as I am the sole ray of sunshine in your otherwise dismal lives!” (That being the inner-monologue of the blogger I hope not to be).

This is also not my “I’m taking a break from blogging speech”; because if I ever said something so prescient, it would imply that I’ve ever actually had a plan about this thing.

No, this is just me saying “hey” and possibly “how’s it going?” and checking in with my alter ego. Some things you’ve missed:

.: I’m wearing my hair longer than I used to. Long enough that multiple people have said “Oh, you’re wearing your hair longer than you used to.”; and, at least one person has identified my hair as “wavey” which is true, though it’s not been long enough to recognize for a very long time.
.: I saw The Shins at Amoeba Records a few weeks ago. This was a good experience for me; and momma, that boy can siiiiing!
.: I’ve given up Pepsi (or Coke, or Sprite, or etc) and caffeine for the umpteenth time, where “umpteenth” is becoming a real, quantifiable number for me, somewhere in the high thousands. This has unfortunately left me with only one drink option when I want something soda-esque: Diet 7-Up. I can honestly think of no other drink less masculine than Diet 7-Up. At least Zima has some alcohol in it for god’s sake.

Did I mention the hair thing, yet? Oh, I did. That about brings you up to date, then.

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