What’s in the news?

>Anna Nicole Smith…sigh

Britney Spears…sigh

Iran and Iraq…sigh

But thank…well, someone, for Jennifer Love Hewitt who turns 28 today. I’m not obsessed enough to actually know that offhand. I’m just obsessed enough to see her name scroll by as I fly through the internets.

More importantly (and these are the things I think about on the drive to work), men have the reputation that all they want to do is cheat. This is not even close to true. I mean, who would want to cheat? Who wants to have to be sneaky, and an asshole, and eventually hurt in the end and totally alone?

I’ll tell you who wants that: nobody.

So, it’s not that men want to cheat, it’s that they want to get laid.
There you go ladies, feel better now? (of course not)

I should add, by the way, though I have no statistical knowledge to back this up with, I highly suspect that the compulsion to stray is just as strong for women as it is for men. This is only my theory, of course.
I should also note that this has nothing to do with anything going with my life. I just think of random stuff all the damn time.

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