Happy New Year?

Well, I haven’t posted in something just short of forever. Why is that? Part of it is the continued lurking of the aforementioned stalkers, who are still doing their best to scour my site for further information about other people. Here’s a word of advice for you:

Forget it. You won’t find any more pictures to get your rocks off with, or any more descriptions about what I did or didn’t do with that person to then use against them, or, at the very least, creep them out with the knowledge. All of the posts that did have anything to do with anything have been deleted, or so drastically altered so as to be meaningless to anyone except me and only me. Congratulations, you’ve killed a little bit of joy in at least a few people’s lives (that would be me, and the maybe three other people that read this).

Oh, and for your further stalking edification: not everything you read is true. Much of it is exaggerated, or even *gasp* a downright lie to titillate (ironically) YOU.

Or not. A lot of it is entirely true and, in fact, under-emphasized for decencies sake.

Or a little of both.

The point is: you don’t know. Probably best to keep your mouth shut then, my momma always said (or would have if she was prone to pithy sayings… see what I did there? I lied.)

OK, none of the above was true. The real reason I haven’t posted in so long is because I went away for the holidays (MerryChristmasHappyNewYear) and came back with a new xBox 360… which takes up, roughly 98% of my time. The chance to embarrass (or be embarrassed by) foul-mouthed anonymous 10 year olds? Sign me up!

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