Oh...is that Tannenbaum?You know how your parents are in a state of arrested development when it comes to thinking of you? Despite your being an adult, maybe even a grown-up, your mom still sees you as 12, and your Dad maybe a little older seeing as you used to borrow his car.

At Christmas time it gets really bad good, and, like most parents, mine still address some presents as From: Santa.

Unlike most parents, in addition to the ones that they address from Santa that are under the tree in the days leading up to Christmas, a whole bunch of other presents show up on Christmas morning… as if he came during the night, just like always. I’m not sure when they do this, as I still wake up pretty early from the excitement of it all, and I stay up pretty late the night before (you know, writing blog posts and whatnot at 2AM).

Nobody says anything and we just go on with the excitement that Santa came! Santa came! And, I must admit, I like that little bit of extra holiday magic.

Merry Christmas…

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