I’ll tell you one thing about the East Coast… or, perhaps more correctly, one thing about somewhere other than LA: people here are polite. The guy at Blockbuster, even though he is blinged-out and looks like a thug, wants to know if he can help me, sir, and that I should have a happy holidays. The guy at IHOP isn’t “really” an actor, and he takes orders and delivers food with pride, he knows his stuff, and he does a fantastic job.

I want to give them both hugs and 100% tips.

You don’t often get that in LA. Service people (and apologies if that’s not the politically correct name… on the other hand fuck PC), do their jobs because they have to. They obviously want to be somewhere else, they rarely care, and they almost never leave me feeling like I want to tip them (but of course I do anyway. 20% goes to karma).

But it’s still 10 minutes from the beach…

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