Paris Hilton... is beautifulThis whole cell phone thing is quite the phenomenon. I remember my mom making me carry a quarter in my shoe and memorize my home and Dad’s work numbers… just in case I had to make an emergency call. Now, I can’t leave my cell phone in another room without feeling disconnected and having a minor panic attack. I mean, what if I miss a call?!


As they say, communication is the key, and I’m all for instant gratification. I’m as bad an offender as anyone, I was on the phone all the way to and from work, yesterday.


I came to an intersection today on my way to work. At various corners of this intersection there were arrayed 5 people. All were on their cell phones:

1. Across the street on my right. A youngish man riding a bike with a dog in a basket on the handlebars. Talking on his cell phone.
2. Across the street to my left. A woman in a pink jogging suit pushing a baby stroller. Talking on her cell phone.
3. To my right. A man, balding, in a jogging suit, and holding a coffee in his left hand. Talking on a cell phone.
4. Also to my right. A woman, pushing a stroller and very close to what is presumably her husband… the guy from number 3. Talking on her cell phone.
5. And then me. A young incredibly attractive man, driving in my car. Talking on my cell phone.

I can understand the people that were by themselves (if you don’t count the dog and the baby); they’re out for a walk and are looking for someone to talk to. But the married couple? Both on their cell phones and (I assume) not talking to each other? If you want to talk to whomever it is that you’re talking to so badly that you would interrupt a walk with your spouse and child, then why aren’t you with them?

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