Angie JoI’m staying home sick today and watching the Documentary Channel. I’m not staying home sick because of the Documentary Channel, it’s just what I’m doing right now. Half my life ago, I would have found this documentary about Thai boxing incredibly boring. Now, though, it’s fascinating… which is funny. You’d think that G.I. Joe would have kept my interest long into my 80’s.

M, the Brazillian girl, came back from England this week, after an 8? 9? month absence. This is good. Brazillian girls are friends with other Brazillian girls. And that can only be a positive.

And my passport is definitely gone. Which pisses me off because listen, I don’t lose stuff. I just don’t. I can’t remember ever losing anything, except once, my wallet about 10 years ago… and that wasn’t actually lost, just misplaced, and I recovered it a couple days later. Which means that someone took my passport, most likely from my office where I had it last, and has since sold it to an international jewelry thief.

Which would, admittedly, be pretty cool. I have this fantasy of being stopped by immigration officials in Hong Kong; severe looking young men to small for their big uniforms, masking their innate fear behind authority. They step in front of me and pull me aside, “Mr. Kleeman, we’ve been looking for you for a long time.” And I reply, “Cool! What did I do?”

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