I love soccer, I mean football!The picture has nothing to do with this post other than the uninteresting or relevant detail that I watched a little bit of the U.S. vs Italy World Cup game over the weekend.

More importantly, if I learned anything from Tony Pierce’s list of lessons on how to blog (and, really, I learned more than one thing), it was that: #17. people like pictures.

Although, if it were my lesson, I would have changed it somewhat. I feel I can do that, even if I am but a small droplet in the ocean of Tony’s popularity because I’ve been blogging for… let me check… almost five and a half fucking years! Since nearly the beginning. Sad (or possibly) admirable that I still have the same 5 readers. At any rate, my list would read nearly the same with the following modification:

17. people like pictures… of hot chicks kissing.

I don’t think he’d protest.

I watched the aforementioned world cup game which this picture barely references in the waiting room of the tire place. After more than a week, I was finally able to track down a place that had the same tire as my other three, non-blown-up ones, and was determined to get the thing fixed. It’s hard enough to look like you have your shit together without riding around on an obvious spare.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought tires, so imagine my surprise when the total came to $270.

For one tire.

Without Armorall.

Or a tire rotation thrown in for good measure.

Write it out and it’s even more impressive: two hundred and seventy dollars for a single tire!

When I was given the total, I blinked slowly and said, “Is that for two?” because it is a well-known fact that tire guys like to sell you a pair with the explanation that it will provide more even wear. The guy (who, admittedly, was very cool) blinked slowly back, and said “Just the one,” without malice or ridicule, which I appreciated.

Someone else in the room offered the opinion that with the price of oil going up, rubber was also at a premium; which, though plausible, did little to soften the blow. $270 fucking dollars! It’s going to be hard to nurse my drinking habit with setbacks like this.

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