look to your left and UH!Have I told you that I love my job?

Probably not. After all, there’s all that stuff abotu being Dooced. You can never be too careful, naybe.

Have I told you that I’ve also been drinking? It’s Cinco de Mayon, after all; and, like Sy. Patrick’s Day, it’s a day when Americans bogart a holiday in an excuse to drink and be merry. Hopefully, the Mexicans don’t mind.

So I love my job. It;s challenging, and fun, and totally rewarding. More importantly, though, and the reason things are so kosher, is that I love the people I work with,too. HOw else could a simple drink after work (to celebrate the holiday, of course) turn into me bloggin this shclock at 3AM? There 6PM to 3AM, you’ve gotta love the people that you already spent 8 hours of work with, and then went on for another 9.

4+ margaritas, shot of Petron, 4 Rum n Cokes, shot of 1800… and a water? Something like that… I list it not to try and be a show-off (’cause it ain’t impressive) but instead to make sure that I could remember, I’ll remember that the bill was 3 bills for a while, that’s for sure.

At any rate, there was Lucy’s Adobe on Melrose, followed by Hollywood Billiards on Hollywood Blvd., and then the place made famous by Swinger’s: The Dresden.

Guess which one was my favorite.

OK, so maybe we lost a guy when he walked out the door after someone else in our party, but never actually met up with that person… or came back… or called anyone. Hopefully, the kind people of Hollywood will help him out.

More importantly, here is waht I learneed: if you see her, and she sees you, and you make eye contact and feel the vibe, GO UP TO HER. Don’t decide not to because your group is settling thebill. Fuck ’em. Trust me they’ll wait, you’re about to be as entertaining as fuck. And think of it this way: best case, you find the love of your life. Worst case, you’re your co-workers hero just for having teh cajones (Happy Cinco de Mayo) for even attempting.

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