hottieI have this thing that’s common amongst guys. It’s the thing where you want the girl that you can’t have, and once you get here, you’re not as interested anymore. In fact, this might actually translate to pretty much everything in life, not just potential couplings.

Like this humongous TV that was delivered to my door today. It’s awesome, it’s beautiful, and all it does is deliver channel after channel of crap to my eyeballs. After 15 minutes of the astoundingly bad Tyra show and a Simpsons rerun, I gave up and went back to DVD’s.

>But I digress. I’ve developed this symptom of wanting the chase more than any kind of longer commitment, and then feeling the need to move on down the road if there’s even a hint of that.

I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, of course… I assume I’m just trying to find what I’m looking for; but it is relatively new. I have this good friend of mine who was fond of calling me a Serial Monogomist. I totally fucking hated this, but I really wasn’t able to argue. For a good decade or so, I went from one long-term girlfriend to the next, with no real short-term relationships. Maybe I was just lucky and happened to find someone great in consistent order. Or I was needy and pathetic.

Whatever the case, that’s definitely changed, as of late, and at least partially explains the tear I’ve been on.

I just wish it started 5 or 6 years ago.

That’s not true.

I’ve had the feeling lately, though, of wanting to slow down a little bit. You know, date oly 2 girls at a time instead of 3 or 4. That sort of thing. Nothing in my life really reflects that newly revised philosophy, but I’m at least starting to think about it.

Or I just need a nap.

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