Apartment update

recoveringSo it’s been about 6 months since the fire in my apartment and about 1 month since I’ve actually moved back in, and things are slowly (slowly) starting to come together.

I did some painting last week, and made my umpteenth trip to IKEA this weekend, so things are feeing a litte less cold and sterile and a bit more like I actually live here.

My bedroom is more or less back to normal, though there are still blank walls.

My “office” is still a miscellaneous room with no direction, but at least it’s usable.

The kitchen is still missing a table and chairs, and a washer/dryer; but I can at least cook stuff again, and have yet to be left wanting anything critical. A few key items inexpicably didn’t survive, though; like a paring knife and the little stopper that goes on the food processor. All replaceable, of course.

The living room is my main focus right now, and the only thing preventing me from throwing a huge House-Warming-Not-Burning-Party. I need to replace the couch, the TV’s on order, and the stereo died an ugly death.

At least there’s progress, though…

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