Vegas vanityI uploaded all of my Vegas photos for your perusal and criticism.

I don’t know why I don’t Buzznet them like the cool kids but I should be. Especially because I have videos that I haven’t figured out how to display, yet.

Not that I should. What happens in Vegas, etc etc.

It’s all about the videos, people. I used to think, and partially still do, that the whole camcorder thing is hackneyed and dumb. Who will ever watch your home movies unless you’re a budding Spike Lee? No one, that’s who. Except yourself… once.

I think the problems are two fold:
1. context
2. spontaneity

Number 1 meaning that no one wants to see video of your kid’s 2nd birthday party, because dude, your kid’s 2nd birthday party was fucking boring! I will eat my words when they preempt Lost for Little Billy Johnson’s Neighborhood Birthday Party – Now With Balloon Animals!

Number 2 because the best videos are spontaneous, and without reason… and home movies are never either one of those things. “We’re going to cut the cake, get the camera!” That shit should have just been rolling… then people aren’t too conscious to start a food fight.

Random videos, however, of Vegas for instance, or of your friend snow boarding when he doesn’t know it, or of the girl chowing down on nachos in the Southwest terminal are all awesome videos, somehow hilarious, and look like exact representations of real life… because they are.

.: awesome Honda commercial that would make Michael Winslow blush with envy

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