Jon Stewart on Larry KingJon Stewart may be the most underrated political commentator of our time. For a guy who used to be on MTV a lot, he’s certainly done better than most (The Weasel comes to mind).

>He’s pretty liberal, of course, which is one of the reasons I like him; but, of course you have to be liberal to have a sense of humor. I think Dick Nixon proved that unequivocally by exemplifying the inverse. Having said that though, Jon has made no apologies for the opinion that the liberals have been pretty weak as of late, too.

At any rate, watch him make an hundred and eight year-old man crack up.

Anna FUCKING Nicole Smith!More importantly, Anna Nicole Smith appeared before the Supreme Court today. ANNA FUCKING NICOLE SMITH appeared before The Supreme Court! This same Anna Nicole Smith from what I affectionately call, The Fat Years.

When I was in High School, Anna was It. I had some postcard-ad of her for Guess? that I had picked up at the Miller’s Outpost or wherever the hell I went looking for T&C; shirts, and for the longest time it lived in the glove compartment of my truck for whenever I needed some kind of lust re-charge. Which, in high school was exactly never (and is still, come to think of it). I can remember distinctly, in fact, cleaning out my glove compartment years later, well into my 20’s in fact, and finally coming to the decision to throw that ad away. There was even a twinge of doubt and remorse as I did so, she was just that hott.

This all came crashing down, of course, with the Anna Nicole Smith Show, where my obsession with her transitioned from lust to something entirely different.

She’s nearly all the way back, however, and I love the fact that she’s going to the highest court in the land to defend her case. Personally, I think she deserves her half. I don’t care that they were married for only 14 months… he was a 90 year-old perv hero who knew very well that he was marrying the stripper that he pulled from the gutter, and she knew the same. I heard her once explain that she married him because he saved her, and that she loved him for it. Who wouldn’t believe that? Give her the damn money, at least she made an old man happy until the day he died.

Also, now that she’s hot again, Anna looks a hell of a lot like the 21 year-old.

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