Well, it’s finally happened. While perusing my referral logs, I discovered that after 5 years of posting to floorpie.net, I’ve finally superceded David Kleeman, President of the American Center for Children and Media, as the number one Google result for “David Kleeman”.

Now that I’m clearly the most powerful David Kleeman in the universe, I don’t know exactly how I feel.

I do know one thing though. I’d like to first thank the Big Guy up above first and foremost for giving me the strength. I’d like to thank my label, and all the playas in the posse for backing up their boy… without y’all I’d still be part of the hustle. To my boo, you know I love you baby. Big ups to the fans out there and I promise I’ll keep holdin’ it down for the west side.

And please spay and neuter your pets, thank you.

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