luggage on holidayI called airline name deleted this morning to get the updated status of the search for my luggage. Last night, a report had come in from their overseas partners stating that my bag had made it safely to Hong Kong today, and was patiently waiting for me in the Luggage Services office. In Hong Kong.

The strange thing is that my bag got there today (or yesterday in Hong Kong time), meaning that for whatever reason, it stayed in the States for 2 and a half days before being sent out on the next plane to Asia.

There is a well-known policy for luggage (as repeated to me several times by various gate agents and luggage personnel) that for security reasons, luggage is not sent on flights without its owner. My luggae is particularly travel savvy, however, having been all over the world in its lifetime; so for it, the airline must have given an exception.

>The above picture was sent to me by airline name deleted to show that my bag is indeed in the hands of an unknown employee, touring Hong Kong. In the background, you can see I.M. Pei's distinctive Bank of China building, one of my personal favorites. I'm not so sure I like the idea of my bag being squired around a foreign city by a guy ina jaunty cap, but at least he looks like he's having fun.

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