“Luck” is a lot like getting good grades in school. As long as you keep that A, you can stay on top forever. Get one C, though, and your GPA is f’ing blown forever. It takes you forever to get back in the game.

Case in point: although I’m going to be getting paid for teh damages done by the first uninsured motorist that hit me in December, the airline has still not found my luggage.

>Besides the obvious inconveniences like losing the clothes and shoes I had in there (which I wasam particularly fond of), I may also lose a few items I really would rather not have lost. Namely, the dock and charging cables for the new camera I got about a week before (note: if you pay as much as this review says, you’re getting ripped off by roughly double). There is also the charger to my cell phone (luckily I have a car charger), the cahrger to my iPod (luckily I have a spare), and a 5G video iPod (I have no “luckily” to go after that one.

I also would be extremely bummed to lose the bag. It is, without a doubt one of the best pieces of luggage I have ever owned, supplanted only by the full-size version I also have. Both were Christmas gifts from ma and pa and I had no idea until just now how much they must have paid for it.

I will keep my fingers crossed that my bag turns up, and un-pilfered. Please feel free to do the same.

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