I spent 6 weeks hours in Asia LAX, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt cold

Jessica AlbaThe above title came to me in a dream last night. I am at once proud for remembering something detailed from a dream, and saddened by the fact that I am abviously dreaming about blogging… instead of Jessica Alba.

My dream also included invading aliens being birthed from old VW vans. Like you would see something expanding to fill the interior through the windows… as if someone were pumping matshmallow cream inside… and then the roof would burst and this insect-like alien thing would grow out and start eating people. Somewhere in there, I got the post title. Or something.

Anyway, the update is as follows: I am still in LA, and decidedly not in China. I cancelled my flights and was refunded (well, my company was refunded) the money as it was a situation entirely out of my control.

My luggage is still in San Francisco, despite my being told that it would be flown back yesterday.

I luckily have an extra toothbrush and toothpaste, which I ironically have because I stole it from the hotel the last time I was in China. Deoderant suppllied by the groomsman supply kit I was given at the last wedding I was in. And that about covers it for toiletries.

Having dealt with the Hong Kong to China border crossing before, and the hassle which that involves, I had better prepared myself for the drudgery (summary: get out of whatever conveyance you arrived in. Wave goodbye, it’s not allowed to cross the border. Stand in line, fill out forms. Hike up a bunch of stairs, dragging your roller bag up a ramp behind you. Walk across the border. Do all of the above again, in reverse) by cramming a week’s worth of clothes into a small bag… instead of two weeks’ worth into a large one. What this means in the short term is that even though it sucks that my luggage is somewhere I am not, I at least have most of my clothes still with me at home.

I’m more nervous, actually, that the baggage handlers, given the amount of time they’ve had my bag, are picking through my stuff, swiping the 5G iPod and other assorted gadgetry.

So long story short, I’m in LA still, I have a cold, and my plans for the week are undetermined. I think I’ve set things up so that my not making this trip will not effect anything adversely… but it is really f’ing frustrating.

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