get a gripYesterday, driving down Wilshire, ADG and I passed each other heading in opposite directions (a metaphor for our lives?); which serves to illustrate that, for as big as LA is, it’s also incredibly small.

Yes, there were minor heart palpitations. Why wouldn’t there be? We were together for a good amount of time.

Better, though, was the pre-Grammy party sponsored by my company. The setting was the private home of a (presumably) incredibly rich sculptor who rented out his home for US$20k… for three days. It was this amazing converted warehouse just outside of downtown LA and was exactly the type of place I dream of living in.

It certainly beats, at any rate, a two-bedroom loaner apartment with next to no furntiture.

Also, three words: open bar.

Also, a few more words: an incredibly hot girl working the party that was kind enough to keep bringing me drinks and food. Of course, this isn’t what she really does, you see; acting is what pays the bills, and music is her passion. She’s really a singer, when she’s not in Bacardi commercials, and yeah let me call you when we play next week.

Fingers crossed.

Whatever the outcome, though, it was fun getting there.

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