She's got legs*ring ring*


Hey hon, how’s it going? What are you doing?

Going alright, doing nothing, what about you?

Ack! You sound awful, honey, are you still sick?

Yeah, I didn’t go to work again today… but I’m feeling better… I think I had the flu.

Come out with me!


c’mon! It’s Friday night! I did my hair and my make-up, and I’m all dressed up. I’m just waiting for someone to call, now.

(laughing) I’m sure ONE of your boyfriends will call.

yeah, right, no way. Come out with me.

Can’t do it, baby… unless you want me to die

That’s all it would take? Then come out! (laughs)

You could come over here. Take care of me. Dance around in your outfit a little.

(laughs) If you’re not going to take me out, I need to call my girlfriends

Have fun!

Call you later

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