So this minor cold I came down with has been putting me through the ringer all week. I haven’t been to work in 4 days, and I feel like there’s a good chance that my weekend will be no better.


It’s been quite the pathetic scene, actually. Me, trudging back and forth from my bed to the bathroom every few hours, leaving the apartment only fora short while in search of food. No TV, no couch to veg on, no radio, no etc etc. Luckily, I have you, internets.

I attempted to go buy a microwave yesterday, that being one of the many things that I need to replace from the fire that I could actually use right now; but I failed. Instead, I got all dizzy and feverish at Target, and gave up. Pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, I could hear Them working on my apartment from my bed yesterday, and I excitedly went over last night to check Their progress.

They replaced one window pane.

All day they were there. One window pane. Only three more to go, fellas. Oh, and then putting back together an entire kitchen, but whatever. Work at your own pace.

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