Happy Birthday… Mr. Smithersss

Without my noticing it, the 5th birthday of this blog came and went earlier this month.

5 years!

Including the web page I had before this blog actually existed, that makes (I think) 8 years of being on this particular one of the internets. That is a long time, and yet I am still a bit player in the blogoshpere. Ah well, I do it for myself, not the fame (…is what I say to myself as long as I am not, in fact, famous).

Some interesting observations: I went and read all of my January 2001 posts when I got distracted getting the link for my very first post, and I noticed that:

.: I was a lot funnier 5 years ago, and,
.: I was also a lot more depressed (though the casual reader may not be able to glean that from my posts the way that I can), and,
.: almost every link I posted is dead.

That last point says to me that it actually is a fairly noteworthy feat to have maintained a site for as long as I have. It may not have all been gold, but at least it’s in the race.

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