LeonLast night, I was pretty keyed-up for no particular reason and was being furiously productive. With so much of my work being implemented in Asia, I have a lot of e-mail contact with people overseas; which, due to the time difference, pretty much guarantees that I’ll have some 75 e-mails waiting for me in the morning… unless I’m awake to respond to them in real-time. As such, I came into work to find only about 25 or so.

It’s kind of a let-down.

Eventually, I got a bit disgusted with myself for being so diligent, and decided to instead do something entertaining. Normally, this would mean, of course, PORN, but because I’m staying at a friend’s house still, it meant a regular movie instead. So, lying in the dark alone in bed, laptop propped up on my, err lap, and headphones in my ears, I watched one of my China DVD purchases: The Professional

I’ve seen this movie at least 3 times; but the last time was at least 10-15 years ago. I remembered that it was good, but I didn’t remember that it was that good. Natalie Portman was incredible, Jean Reno was incredible, Gary Oldman was incredible… I was shocked that I hadn’t memorized every line from the last couple of times I saw it. It’s that good.

Also, I want to be a cleaner when I grow up.

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