The thing about being back in the US is that I now understand everything people are saying… and they also understand me. Which means, unfortunately, that I can no longer hide behind my own non-understood sarcasm and unintelligible comments. It also means that no else can, either. I can only wonder what was said about me behind my back right in front of me.

I was so much more introspective in China because I had the time to be so. In a lot of ways, it was a reminder why I never want to live in a cabin in the woods… too much stuff floating around in my head.

Also, as more evidence that there is something just fundamentally wrong with me, I again (despite the 16-hour time difference) have no ill effects from jet-lag. I didn’t suffer the last time I went to Asia, either; but, I was heavy into caffeine at the time, and I thought that that might have been the reason. Seeing as I’m mostly off caffeine now, and I’ve slipped back into this time zone without a second glance, I’m clearly just weird.

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