I think there’s something a little poetic about my not having really used a fork, recently, until my flight back to the US. On the one hand, it’s good to be back, while on the other hand, the food sucks.

Actually, my karma is already taking quite a beating, and people are now asking me, without sarcasm, “So uh… what’s going on with you, lately?” Why would they ask, that, you also ask? This is why:

Myth:Bad things happen in 3’s
Result: True
My own case in point, and big three for the year:

1. ADG and I break up
>2. My apartment burns down, and…
3. My car got rear-ended this morning on the way to work!

Yes, today was my first day back in the States, yes my insurance company is going to start wondering if I’m a high risk insuree after all of these claims, and yes my apartment is still not renovated and I therefore am still crashing at a friend’s.

Yes, I realize I just said “crashing”.

The damage is not horrible and my truck is still driveable, but this is just another thing to add to the list of things I don’t have time to be dealing with right now. You’d think it would be enough that I have no place to live, but apparently I had a really great sinful and karma-damaging time in a previous life… possibly several.

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