Fatty McFat-fatNot to belabor a point, but there are a few easy ways to spot an American in Asia. Not a Westerner mind you, as that’s an even easier game to play:

1. Look for a non-Asian
2. Ummm, you win.

American-spotting is slightly more challenging, and a little depressing:

Top 10 7 Ways to Spot the American
1. Look in the McDonald’s
2. Listen carefully. The loudest noise you hear? American!
3. When confronted by several Westerners, look for the worst-dressed one.
4. Beer-themed baseball hats
5. In fact, themed anything
6. Confused looks on faces. Huddled in family masses in the middle of the sidewalk.
7. Without doubt or fail, the American is the fat one.

For as much as we have a bad reputation as being a boorish, boisterous, overweight lot… I can’t say I disagree. It’s actually fairly alarming how spot-on some of the generalizations are. It doesn’t help matters that everyone here, especially the women, seem to be in spectacularly good shape. I don’t know if it’s the food (which every time I’ve gone out with my hosts there seems to be a lot of) or if everyone is furtively throwing up into their neatly-kept Buddhist temples when I’m not looking, but the bodies on even the most ordinary of women here are incredible.

.: I haven't participated in the usual blog practice of linking lately, so here goes: Check out enter whining and her new (to me) page layout. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also lives in what is, technically, my hometown. How can you argue with a stunning endorsement like that?

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