Not that I watch it or anything, but, you know that your previously underground hobby has gone mainstream when, during a Desperate Housewives episode, Lynette’s one of the main character’s admin responds to the question, “Are you busy?” with, “No, I’m just updating my blog.”

And that was a long sentence.

I’ve been crazy busy with work (preparing for an extended trip to China, and trying to tie up loose ends) and apartment insurance stuff. It’s interesting, many people told me that my good attitude about the whole fire thing would fade quickly when reality set-in. So far, though, I’ve proved them all wrong, and my mood remains buoyant and optimistic.

I just really, truly, don’t care.

I don’t think this is because I’m a cold and heartless person, and instead choose to think I am exactly the opposite (warm and heartfelt)… therefore meaning that I just don’t care about material possessions.

PS Blogger’s integrated spell-check doesn’t know the word “blog”

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