Bush has balls. Knows how to use them.

KYOTO, Japan (CNN) — U.S. President George W. Bush is pushing China to grant more freedoms to its people, citing Taiwan as an example of a successful Chinese democracy.

…”Modern Taiwan is free and democratic and prosperous. By embracing freedom at all levels, Taiwan has delivered prosperity to its people and created a free and democratic Chinese society,” Bush will say according to an advance text released by the U.S. White House…

As you all know, I am no fan of the Bush Administration; but , I have to admit that the above is either one of the ballsiest (or the stupidest) things anyone has ever said. If you know anything about China’s relationship with Taiwan (and I like to think I do), then you know that China does not look favorably on any signs of independence from it’s wayward son, Taiwan.

For Bush to go to China, on their turf, and basically say, “Yo, Taiwan is independent, just like the US. Levi’s, Pepsi, GI Joe, MacDonald’s!” (note: Bush says “MacDonald’s” instead of “McDonald’s” because he’s borderline retarded, you see) is incredibly gutsy and/or idiotic.

Basically, I liken it to standing in Mike Tyson’s living room talking about how I totally gave it to his mother in the backdoor. One way or another, I’m leaving that room dead.

.: track the location of 500 satellites. As an ex-Lockheed guy with some satellites flying over head, I found this fascinating.

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