You’ve probably heard by now that California is burning down to the ground again. Every season, California gets a little bit crazy and set itself on fire. The air begins to smell like smoke, the fog that is not fog begins to roll in, the sunsets become even more Baywatch-magical, and then you know that it’s the season for wildfires again.

My personal theory is that it’s karma for banning gay marriage… again.

What else? Tuesday was my 31st birthday (thanks for the well wishes, America). What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was living with ADG, a few months into a new job, and driving an ’88 Blazer. Now, I’m single with nearly no contact from ADG (even on my birthday… is that weird?), well into that “new” job I love, and driving a new truck. I’m healthier, a little more self-assured, and people say I don’t look a day over 31… wait, what?

And I have stories. Lots and lots of stories. Lots and lots of stories that I can only allude to due to the un-anonymous nature of this medium. And that’s only my fault, really. I had the choice, so many years ago, to start this blog up with a pseudonym, not tell anyone, and pour my guts out. Unfortunately, I took the opposite route, using my real name, telling a few people, and merely dripping my guts out. Thanks for coming by still, all the same.

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