Bushies fishingI wonder how the Republicans who voted for Bush, or even just the undecided’s who reveled in their apathy and stayed home, feel about the way things are going these days?

No Osama bin Laden capture (four years later).

No connection between Iraq and al Queda

No WMD’s (no nukes, no gas, no nothing)

Civilian Iraqi death toll of at least 24,000

Coalition death toll at 2,093

Dismal Hurricane Katrina response

Gasoline prices at an all-time high

It’s depressing… and a bit pathetic. Whatever your rationales, whatever your reasoning, whatever your excuses of how the world was different back then, just think of how good things were going for the U.S. when Slick Willy was President. Ah, the glory days. And now, really, do any of you give a flying fuck about Monica Lewinsky? I’m guessing not. Personally, I’d take Bill and 50 Monica Lewinsky’s if I could just get one of those 2,093 coalition deaths back. And I bet you would, too. Or, at least 61% of you would.

Good for you 61%. Many of you, statistically, must have voted for Bush and are not too prideful to admit that you made a bad decision. You though, 39%, it’s time I’d say, to take a good hard look at yourselves, and wonder why it is that you are so flawed? Perhaps you can all work it out together, down in Crawford, Texas, on vacation.

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