Iraq War FatalitiesIraq War Fatalities

My friend Crob sent me this (you’re big-time now, ba-bee!), knowing that I’m a bleeding heart, tree-hugging, hippy liberal. It’s a pretty sobering view of the progression of deaths over the last 2 years of the “coalition” forces in Iraq.

Of particular interest to me, once the presentation is done, and all of the deaths are represented on screen, you can visually display deaths by participating country. If you un-click all of the also-rans, and end with the U.S,. it’s shocking to see how little the display changes… meaning that the huge majority of fatalities belong to us. The coalition is indeed inredibly unbalanced.

.: Meth abuse at work on the rise
>.: SpongeBob SquarePants selling vegetables
Coke using 50k liters/day of water despite a crippling drought. (drink Pepsi)

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