You are beautifulI’ve either been somehow keeping myself busy, lately, or, nothing of interest has happened to me. I’m hoping it’s the former.

On Saturday, I went to an Indian wedding (which was really a Sri Lankan wedding [which was really a Sri Lankan/Chinese wedding]), which was my first experience outside the North American norm in regards to marital ceremonies.

Actually, that’s not true, last year I was in A & A’s wedding and they had two hippy priests/pastors/spiritual advisors/Scientologists whatever. Scandalous!

Anyway, apparently the thing about Indian weddings (dots not feathers) is that no one really pays all that much attention. I’m not sure if it has to do with the fact that a lot of it is in The Sanskrit, or that it’s more of a private ceremony between the participants, but I spent the entire time wandering around the back, alternatively taking pictures, and talking with friends. This was normal. A lot of people showed up late and just cruised in without looking sheepish, too.

The other thing(s) about Indian weddings is that:

.: they are long
.: there are snacks!
.: the snacks repel most white people
.: there are a lot of hott bollywood women

Also, after 6 or 7 rum & cokes of increasing rum concentration, I am totally into Indian music.

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