wah-waaaaahIf you want any real indication of how lame I am, I only have 6 friends on my Friendster profile.

And I apparently care about this.

And I’m blogging about it.

This is how lame I am.

I don’t think I’ve logged onto Friendster since it was big, back in the 80’s, and I was only motivated to do so now because a friend told me to check out her profile to see if I knew this other friend. I don’t. (see above: lame)

I started doing what all good lemmings do, though, and looked through all my friends pictures… then my friends friends… then searching for people that I thought might be lurking somewhere… and on and on.

It was a little sad.

I did not, at least do all this in the dark, dressed only in tightie-whities, with pizza grease running down my chin… it was a microwave burrito.

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