The WB’s Beauty and the Geek renewed for a second season:

Geek premiered June 1 to good reviews. “At last,” Ray Richmond wrote in the Hollywood Reporter, “a reality show that smacks of something remotely clever and doesn’t leave you feeling in need of a long, hot shower at the end.”
A departure from the usual dating and makeover shows its title sounds as if it could have been applied to, Beauty and the Geek pairs seven “academically challenged” women with seven “socially challenged” men. The mismatched team that learns the most from each other is rewarded with insight into how the other half lives–and $250,000.

That’s fine. I have half-watched an episode, and I didn’t find it exceptionally repulsive. There are hott dumb chicks in it “falling” for dorks like me… what’s not to like?

The thing I do take umbrage with, is the part of the copy that references The Kutcher’s assumed book smarts, as if he’s one of the Geeks himself. After all, “Kutcher, himself a onetime biochemical engineering major, is an executive producer of Geek.”


You know, call me crazy, but just about anyone can be a onetime biochemical engineering major, can’t they? I knew a hell of a lot of onetime mechanical engineering majors in school that became, “somehow”, long-term communications or economics (because the math transferred, you see) majors.

And I’m pretty sure The Kutcher gets the Beauties because he’s also a onetime model… not that Organic Chemistry doesn’t get the ladeez all hot.

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