At around 2:30PST I noticed that, according to the “online meter” in my sidebar (you know, the thing that most likely pathetically says 1 online right now), that 28 people were online at that moment.
This, obviously, was some kind of record.

This, obviously, was also some kind of mistake.

JLHOver the next 5 minutes, I refreshed my page every so often and saw the number peak at 31, fall to 25, and vacillate between the two for a while. As quickly as the influx of people arose, it disappeared, and I’ve since figured out the cause.

Obviously, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s people, having heard of my ardent love, are checking me out to be one half of Hollywood’s next power couple. They’ve probably since figured out that not only am I a semi-successful product designer with a steady paycheck, but I am also a car owner (only 47 more payments!) and an accomplished reader. I also excel at Halo2. I think one of my most attractive qualities, clearly, is my lack of cavities. My hobbies include being rad and my turn-ons are long short walks on the beach, bubble baths, talking about my feelings, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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