Jennifer Love KleemanThe Return of the Once and Future King

It’s Hollywood, baby, the land of milk, honey, and movie stars; and King Tut himself is the toast of the town as he returns to the LACMA for a five month exhibition. And nowhere else could the return of a 3,300 year old minor king be heralded by such luminaries as, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Drew Barrymore, Secretary-General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawasserr (you know, the cool guy that’s always on the Discovery Channel), Omar Sharif, and, err… Brendan Frasier.

lovin' you, is easy cause you're byootifulGet it? Brendan Frasier is here. You know, he was in that movie, Revenge of the Egyptian Stereotype or something like that? And that sequel, too, Seriously, We’re Totally Egyptian. You saw it… He’s even wearing his Indiana Jones jacket, so he’s pretty authentic. Having him there makes me even more interested in Egyptology.

Brendan Frasier!

I would however, without any sarcasm, been excited to run into Jennifer Love Hewitt, as I’m totally in love with her. Seeing as she goes to this type of thing, I could have safely been as dorky as I actually am without scaring her off (it would have been the chest tattoo of her face that would do that). Is it just me, or does she seem like the perfect woman? I am counting on running in to her this weekend, when I go visit the mummies.
Why can't we all just get along?Oh, and then there were the protestors, enraged because a bust of Tutankhamun (which appears to be carved from alabaster) is vaguely white instead of black. And that’s offensive, see? Because it’s America. And everything is offensive to everyone. Good times.

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